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green planet


  • from $39.95

    GreenPlanet Liquid Weight

    Liquid Weight is a supplement blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that support the plant and beneficial microbial life in the root zone. This...

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    from $39.95
  • from $19.95

    GreenPlanet Massive Bloom Formulation

    Massive Bloom Formulation incorporates naturally occurring gibberellic hormones designed to increase internodal spacing allowing more room for the ...

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    from $19.95
  • $65.00

    Green Planet Vitathrive 1L

    Vitathrive is a comprehensive blend of carefully selected vitamins and minerals designed to reduce plant stress while supporting essential functio...

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  • from $25.00

    Green Planet Pro Cal

    Pro Cal is a valuable source of supplemental calcium and magnesium.

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