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The Airgarden

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The aeroponic vertical garden that makes it simple for anyone to grow farm-fresh produce at home, with no green thumb required.

EVERYTHING you need to grow!

  • 1 x Airgarden unit
  • 1 x pump
  • Automated waterproof timer
  • 30 grow cups
  • 30 coco-coir grow plugs
  • 5 seed packets (Kale, Cos Lettuce, Spinach, Tomato, Cucumber)
  • pH testing kit
  • 1 litre set of Airgarden nutrients
  • Spanner, syringe, wooden spoon and measuring jug
  • Propagation kit to grow seedlings
  • Airgarden tote bag


  • 1.5m tall and 60cm wide at the base

  • The Airgarden base reservoir holds 85 litres of water

  • Weight: 10kg when empty, 95kg when filled

  • Pump cord: 10 metres

  • Materials

    The Airgarden unit is made from all Australian UV stabilised, food-grade plastic.

    Food-grade plastic has a required level of purity and doesn't include any materials that are potentially hazardous if consumed by humans.

    UV stabilised means the Airgarden is protected from long-term degradation caused by UV light. This sets it apart from other products, as none of them are propose-built for Aussie conditions and cannot guarantee longevity.
  • An outdoor spot with 4+ hours of direct sunlight

  • Electricity and water access

  • 1 metre x 1 metre of level space

    You can grow 150 different herbs vegetables in the Airgarden, with space to grow 30 at once.


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