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Custom Quotes

We offer customised quotes tailored to your individualised needs. If you have a project with a large scope, get in contact with us - we'll quote you!

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Plan out and visualise your project in detail with our virtual 'Grow Room Builder' tool! (Coming Soon!)

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At Fran's Hydroponics, we take your security seriously. When you order from us, you can rest easy - our plain shipping practices will keep your package discreet from end to end.

Expert Knowledge

Talk to us for solutions - we offer decades of collective experience in the field.

Blog posts

  • How To Propagate Seedlings In Hydroponics
    April 4, 2022 Fran's Team

    How To Propagate Seedlings In Hydroponics

    Seeds often require some help to get started - especially in Australian conditions. Without a propagation procedure, seeds are likely to remain dormant while swimming in an expensive nutrient solution. Follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way to sprouting fresh hydroponically-grown produce from seed.
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  • Fran's Hydroponics Charity Giveaway for the Red Nose Foundation!
    March 14, 2022 Fran's Team

    Fran's Hydroponics Charity Giveaway for the Red Nose Foundation!

    In loving memory of baby Frankie, Fran's Hydroponics has become a proud advocate of the Red Nose Foundation - a charity committed to supporting Australian families through the loss of little loved ones. We are committed to honouring her memory, with funds from 1% of all online transactions going towards Red Nose.
    Read now

Why Choose Fran's

From our renowned customer support, to our wide range of products - at Fran's, we cover all of your hydroponic needs, ensuring you (and your plants) have all the essentials to thrive!

Our team are specialists in the products that we sell; offering professional advice on matters of health, wellbeing, plant growth and development, and more!

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The Heroes of Hydroponics

Fran's Hydroponics is far more than a regular old hydroponics equipment shop.

We've got all the growing equipment under the sun - including lighting from brands like SolSense - plus LED grow kits, mediums, ventilation solutions, and nutrients from top brands like APTUS and Green Planet.

That's without mentioning our full range of hydroponics equipment! Shop to your heart's content for iconic products from Bio Diesel, CANNA, Easy As Organics, Lucius, Lumatek, Stealth Garden, Medtek Nutrients and more.

There's a good chance that if you have growing or hydroponics in mind... we are holding what you need in stock!

While we focus on hydroponics (of course...), our brand also offers a range of wellbeing solutions, such as Hemp Health Products!

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