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Earn points at Checkout


Gain 1 Plant Point for every dollar you spend


Redeem your Plant Points for awesome rewards!


Step 1:

Sign up to our online store - you can register here

Step 2:

Shop using your Fran’s Hydroponics account

Step 3:

That’s it – you’re ready to start earning points and redeeming rewards!

How to check my Plant Points?

Logged in to your account and go to your profile where you will be able to view the Plant Points you owned.

Or Check Your Email, We will be sending emails to you regarding Plant Points.

How to spend Plant Points?

When you are logged in with your account, the “redeem coupon” on the checkout page allows you to choose the amount you want to spend on one purchase as shown above.

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Plant Points FAQ

How can I use Plant Points?
You can redeem your Plant Points on our website for unique rewards and special discounts at checkout!

How will I know if/when I’m earning Plant Points?
You will automatically earn Plant Points by making purchases while being logged in to your account. When you are logged in, you will be able to view how many Plant Points you’ve earned with your purchase – but generally, the amount of points you earn will be the same number as the dollar amount you purchased.
You can always check how many Plant Points you’ve earned in total by logging into your account and navigating to your profile. We’ll also send you regular email notifications whenever you earn Plant Points and/or unlock rewards.

Does the cost of shipping contribute to my Plant Points?
It sure does!

How do I unlock rewards with my Plant Points?
Simply keep accumulating Plant Points, and more rewards will become available for you to redeem!

Is there any minimum spending limit to earn Plant Points?
Nope! Every purchase you make with us online will help you to grow your number of Plant Points.

Is there any maximum spending limit to earning Plant Points?
Not at all! You’ll always receive Plant Points equivalent to the dollar amount you purchased at our store.

Do I have to spend all of my Plant Points at once?
No, you don’t – but you will need to either redeem your points for rewards or make another purchase with us before they expire in 12 months.

Is there any limitation to how many plant points I can spend at once?
No – you can spend as many Plant Points as you like at any one time.