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Meet The Team

Here at Fran's, we only hire the best. Get to know our team of experts!

Photo of Fran


As our brand may suggest... Fran is the boss-lady and founder of 'Fran's Hydroponics'.

Her hard work and dedication to her customers, tied with an indepth product knowledge, has helped her to produce over two decades of success in the growing and hydroponics industry - helping thousands of Australians to achieve their dream setups!

Photo of Steve G

Steve G

Customer Service and Retail

Steve has a strong passion for learning new skills, and is continuously self-improving.

Working at Fran's allows him to connect with customers who have a similar drive for learning. He uses the wealth of his knowledge and passion to guide customers towards tailored solutions, allowing their projects to bloom!



Retail and Customer Service

Bohdi has over 10 years professional customer service and business experience coupled with a broad knowledge of agricultural and biological processes.

He is always ready to problem solve and provide a great service experience