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The Top Three Hydroponic Nutrients For Your Next Grow!

The Top Three Hydroponic Nutrients For Your Next Grow!

Top Three Hydroponic Nutrients

Nutrients are at the core of your hydroponic growing operation. After all, they're the solutions that provide your plants with the food they need to survive and thrive!

Adopting the right nutrient mix can make all the difference to the quality and mass of your yields. An efficient schedule that takes into account the bioavailability and nutrient uptake of your plants throughout their various phases of development is sure to lead to outstanding results.

It isn't always clear what the best nutrient selection is for your context... especially when you're first starting out. As a true-blue hydroponics company, we've also found that the Aussie context is still trailing 'behind the ball', when it comes to embracing the latest and greatest in nutrients. Which is why the team at Fran's Hydroponics have gone out of our way to list our three favourite hydroponic nutrients for Australian growers!

Each of these nutrients companies specialise in offering high-quality organic and mineral-based nutrient solutions; they try to steer clear from some of the more harmful, highly synthetic mixes. This is for the wellbeing of both you and your plants.

Without a further ado, let's get into it!

1. APTUS Plant Tech Nutrients

APTUS Plant Tech Range

The APTUS Plant Tech range of nutrients represents a complete solution to scheduling your nutrients for maximum bioavailability with your plant organisms.

Whether you're using living soil, or going with a more technological approach... these nutrients are world-renowned for the results they provide to growers. They're particularly popular across Europe and North America - and now they're available here in Australia!

APTUS Nutrients are designed for a world where agriculture is struggling. Nutrient salt build-ups have created harmful runoff into our groundwater, pesticide residue is on much of our produce, and our food lacks the nutritional value it contained only a few decades ago.These effects are particularly pronounced in Australian soils and hydroponic growing operations.

In the face of changing climate conditions, genetic deterioration, and the negative effects that have followed decades of synthetic fertiliser and pesticide usage... APTUS is here to save the day!

The APTUS approach is to provide quality products and resources that educate growers while enhancing production and cultivation. This approach is based on a preventative methodology for host, pest and environmental problems.

With their highly bioavailable nutrients and natural biostimulants, APTUS Plant Tech as a company aims to address these problems before they become problems, and boost overall plant performance.

APTUS are highly vigilant when it comes to the quality of their ingredients, distribution channels, and staff. You can be confident that your plants receive no synthetic or harmful materials from APTUS products.

APTUS Nutrients work immediately to support plant growth... but in many instances, they also help to remediate the soil and bring life back to the earth.

Regardless of the medium you find yourself growing in, or the scale you are operating at - these nutrients are a brilliant solution! We recommend using the whole range of APTUS Nutrients for a wide variety of use cases.

You can pick them up from our online store today!

2. Athena Nutrients

Athena Nutrients

When it comes to high-quality nutrients designed to get the most out of your grow, Athena is no slouch!

The mission of Athena is to support the modern grower - no matter the scale. Their products are formulated to improve yield quality, reduce costs, and drive overall consistency.

Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California - a place where growers are always in pursuit of the 'perfect run'. As the weight of growing increasingly bears down on cultivators, they endeavour to make complex processes simple.

As a brand new addition to our store, Athena is an incredibly competitive player in the organic plant nutrient space - and they've touched down in Australia to help change the game!

Their product line is immense and diverse. Not only do they offer liquid nutrients in their 'Blended Line', along with granular nutrients in their 'Pro Line' - they also offer integrated pest management with their 'IPM Line'.

No matter what your plant growth needs happen to be, Athena has covered all bases. You can check their 'Blended' range out at our store!

Athena 'Blended' Range

 3. GreenPlanet Nutrients

Just from the video above, you can tell that these folks hail from Canada...

Even so, GreenPlanet Nutrients are quickly becoming market leaders all across North America - and for good reason!

GreenPlanet have cultivated a reputation for being a socially conscious and environmentally friendly nutrients company, while still delivering top-notch results for the growers who take advantage of their products. 

Using only the highest quality raw materials, with water from pure, clean sources, GreenPlanet's mission is to ensure their extraction and manufacturing processes are sensitive to ecological systems, while improving the wellbeing of everyone involved in making their business 'work' - from those who extract these materials, to the end consumer.

Their ethically sourced nutrients aren't just great for people and the planet, though - they're also bomb for your plants!

Their three-part GP3 Set - including Grow, Bloom and Micro varieties - is the 'OG' of feed programs, and a best-seller on our site. This base nutrient system has been tried and tested by countless seasoned growers throughout the years - they're even well known, down under! If you want a product backed by veteran growers, this is it!

GP3 Set

Are you interested in learning more about GreenPlanet Nutrients? Check out our store for more information! We also offer Dual Fuel Starter Kits to enhance your grow and bring out those latent flavour profiles in your plants.

Concluding Remarks About Hydroponic Nutrients

We hope this shortlist of our favourite hydroponic nutrients companies has been a helpful one for you!

Our team would be very pleased indeed if this resource gave you the confidence to 'take a punt' on any of these options. Even if this post just offered you an opportunity to consider some of the awesome options available to you today as a grower in further detail, we'd be chuffed!

We stand behind each of these companies and their products for taking innovative steps into the future of agriculture, gardening, and hydroponic plant development, with their selection of organic and mineral-based products. It's why we sell them on our store!

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