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The Small Salad Table

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Take your Veggie growing to the next level with the Salad Table! This all in one NFT System is perfect to not only introduce you to the world of Hydroponics but it also guarantees you a crop of Vegetables and Greens you didn't know could get that big!

The Small Salad Table has a 21 Plant Capacity and comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • The Small Hydroponic Salad Table (21 Plant Capacity)
  • Durable Aluminium Stand
  • 42 Litre Nutrient Tank
  • High Quality Efficient Pump
  • FREE 70 x Rockwool Grow Cubes in propagation tray to start your own seedlings
  • FREE Seedling Baskets
  • FREE 2 Litre Nutrient Pack containing Part A and Part B
  • Simple video Instructions

Going Hydroponic means you no longer have to worry about soil-related issues and pests, and the raised stand means you can comfortably tend to your crops while keeping them off the ground!

You'll also be reducing your water consumption by up to 90% compared to soil gardening!

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