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Tanlin - Scarid fly / fungus gnat larve control & preventative

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Canadian Xpress Tanlin (Was Nilnat) 20ml

Canadian Xpress Tanlin is the biological way to deal with the root-eating fungus gnat and scarid fly. Tanlin is completely safe, effective and odour-free. Tanlin used to be called Nilnat. Highly recommended.

Very easy to use
Completely safe and environmentally friendly
Contains no toxic pesticides
Can be used as a preventative
Can be used in any grow-system with any substrate
Very highly concentrated – a 20ml bottle treats up to 2000 litres of feed-water.

How Canadian Xpress Tanlin (Was Nilnat) Works:
Canadian Xpress Tanlin contains microscopic crystals which, when ingested by fungus gnat or scarid fly larvae, perforate their digestive tracts and kills them. Although Tanlin does not kill the adult insects, it does break the reproductive cycle by killing the larvae which feed on your plant’s roots.

Tanlin is completely safe, environmentally friendly and odour-free.

Tanlin is also ideal for use as a preventative.

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