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Single Jet Fogger

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This super low-Capacity Fogger is universally Used to Disinfect, Sterilize, and Insecticides, Hotel Rooms, Offices, and Other Areas with Public Traffic. It Has a Long Range, Good Sterilization Effect, Saving Sanitizing Products by Spraying Large Areas on Non-permeable Surfaces. It is Safe for the Operator. In Addition, It Only Needs a Small Amount of Disinfectant in the Air. The Fog Droplets Are Small in Diameter yet Large in Quantity Being Well Distributed and Staying Airborne Longer to Clean and Disinfect Areas More Effectively.

  • Atomizes liquids to a droplet diameter size of 10 to 25 microns
  • Adjustable brass flow control valve for wet or dry fog (150 - 260 mL/min)
  • Variable speed control for both gentle and long-range applications (0 - 10 meters)
  • 120W - 5.5A - 240V

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