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Power-Plant Retro Metal Halide Lamp 250W - 400W - 600W


PowerPlant lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage. The Powerplant arc tube dosing technology achives more usable light energy without sacraficing intensity or lamp life.Why use PowerPlant Lamp:

•Efficiency - PowerPlant lamps provide more lumens per watt than other lamp wattages.

•Flexible Retrofit - both PowerPlant HPS + PowerPlant MH are designed to run on the same control gear

•Safety - No over running of the lamp, these lamps are specifically designed to run on the one set of HPS gear as supplied in the PowerPlant Ballasts.

•Cost Effective - One set of gear saves you money !

•Unique - A world first....only from PowerPlant !

PowerPlant provides the full spectrum light that plants need - PowerPlant - provides richer, more nutritious light and enables reliable climate control to be implemented. A large number of organisations already use PowerPlant lamps including large scale nurseries, agricultural facilities, research institutions and rare species and tropical plant growers.