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As required by NAASAA, yet powerful enough for the stringent requirements of AQIS - Australian quarantine. Designed for human consumption. Registered as a food product. Micro Kill can be sprayed directly on plants with no withholding period. 
How it works - As a contact spray, Micro Kill creates a bio film that acts by piercing and entering the cell of mould, mildew and bacteria for 2 days then acts as a barrier for up to 2 weeks. Micro Kill is based upon natural bactericides and fungicides found in oranges (bioflavinoids) plus extracts of the Yucca Schidgera plant (Saponins)
Where to use - Spray directly on mould, mildew, bacteria or beds, growing media, benches, support structures, flooring and surrounding areas. Spray whole or part of a plant above and below the leaves. Note - when roots are contacted use a plant stimulant NOT FOOD to reinvigorate the plant. eg A Rhizo booster.
Mixing Ratios - For strong foul odours or heavy mould infections use directly from the bottle.
Barrier Control - 1 part Micro Kill 4 parts water
Normal Use - 1 part Micro Kill 9 parts water

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