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Fortified with Iron, Zinc and Boron to promote optimum Flower Development, PK Elicit is a unique PK bloom booster which, besides P and K, incorporates other crucial nutrient elements such as magnesium, sulphur and low levels of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen along with iron and boron that help heavy flowering varieties achieve optimum yields. Additionally, PK Elicit utilizes biostimulant phosphite technology and low molecular weight organic acids to maximize crop quality and production.

Specs/Guaranteed Analysis (minimums)

NPK 1 – 6 – 7 as P2O5 and K2O

Mg 0.7
S 0.5
Fe 0.04
Zn 0.007
B 0.01%

EC when used at a given ml per litre usage rate (all tests carried out in distilled water)

1ml/L PK Elicit 0.4 mS/cm
2ml/L PK Elicit 0.673 mS/cm