100% Organic desiccated Root Booster

Promotes rapid root growth

Increases nutrient uptake

Relieves heat stress

Kraken Roots is the best root booster on the market. It is made from 100% organic desiccated Norwegian seaweed. Kelp from the Northern waters of Norway have special properties not found in seaweed from other parts of the world. Packed with goodness Kraken Roots helps kickstart your plants to reach their best potential from day one. The only dry root booster on the market, Kraken Roots is always fresh, every dose. At full strength Kraken Roots makes 700 L of solution!


Use Kraken Roots at 1 scoop (1g) per 10L from cutting/seed to the 2nd week of veg. Then use .5g per 10L till the end of the 2nd week of flower. 

Kraken Roots can also be used at 1g per 10L to assist with transportation or when a plant is stressed from heat or pest infection at anytime in the cycle.