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Gro Tank 101 x 49cm

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The GRO-TANK NFT is Nutriculture's best selling recirculating nutrient film technique system. It features a specially designed root mat that encourages fast root growth as a tailored nutrient solution runs over it. The only maintenance required is standard cleaning and topping up the nutrient solution as it depletes. The system is suitable for growing a variety of plants such as lettuce and strawberries. It uses only the Rockwool/grow wool cube that the plants were started in as the growing medium, which results in greater control, disease prevention and less waste material. The Gro-Tank NFT system is low profile, standing at only 20cm tall which allows more space for stands if a preferred starting height is needed. The system includes a base reservoir, channel slope, light tray lid, HydroPro 550 water pump, Nutriculture NFT attachment and roll of root matting. The design of the system has been perfected over many years, making it one of the best-selling NFT systems in Australia.

The GT424 includes:

  • 1x Base Reservoir
  • 1x Channel Slope
  • 1x Light tray Lid
  • 1x HydroPro 550 Water Pump
  • 1x Nutriculture NFT attachment
  • 1x Roll of Root Matting

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