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Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit

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Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit

With Dual Fuel parts one and two as the base and  Rezin & Massive, you cannot go wrong.

Dual Fuel 1 + 2

  • Dual Fuel is the simplest and most effective 2-part nutrient system on the market. Used in a 1:1 ratio throughout all grow cycles.
  • It's easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet has been formulated to meet the complex needs of the professional grower.


  • Rezin is a new product from Green Planet Nutrients that contains a combination of acids created through a complex fermentation process. It's designed to enhance flavour and aromas.
  • Rezin will not affect your PPM. This means that you can run it with any nutrient program at full strength.


  • Massive Bloom Formulation is an all-natural bloom booster that utilizes bee waste including honeycomb to amplify a plant's natural growth processes.
  • Massive will supercharge your flowers, making them bigger and denser through our unique blend of naturally derived nutrient components.

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