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DE-GNAT Diatomaceous Earth

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Original price
$24.95 - $55.00
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Original price $24.95 - Original price $55.00
Original price
$24.95 - $55.00
Current price $24.95
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DE-NAT Dust-a-Way is an all natural non-toxic barrier that is made from ancient fossilised remains of a unique sea-kelp.

This naturally refined compound provides many benefits for your garden. DE-NAT Dust-a-Way is comprised of specially sized Diatomaceous Earth (DE) particles.

Dust-a-Way is 100% chemical free. therefore safe for you and the environment.

-Natural source of silica
-Excellent thermal barrier and insulator
-Easy application shaker
-PH stable

Dry Application: Sprinkle over plants and their bases on the soil. To coat the underside of foliage use a squeeze - puff action.
Foliar Application: mix 15g of DE-NAT per litre of water. Spray all sides of plant and
underside of leaves until wet, but not dripping.
Use in grow and first week of flower only.

STORAGE: Keep in a dry place.

Do not directly inhale any fine dust from product. If dust is present always wear appropriate face mask and eye protection. Keep away from children.

Also available in a 10KG size

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