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Athena Stack

Original price $169.95 - Original price $595.00
Original price $169.95
$169.95 - $595.00
Current price $169.95
Original price $169.95 - Original price $595.00
Original price $169.95
$169.95 - $595.00
Current price $169.95
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Athena Stack is a natural plant stimulant made from an extract

of kelp and other plants. Our proprietary cold-enzymatic extraction

process preserves the natural plant hormones, vitamins, and

amino acids.

The secondary metabolites in Stack encourage increased lateral

branching, tighter nodes, faster bud set and increased vigor

during transition. Stack gives the plant tools to reach its full

genetic potential.

As a foliar spray, bioavailable micronutrients are quickly absorbed

into the plant. Stack is an excellent addition to any feeding

protocol. It will not create antagonism when used with other


Product Features


Compatible with most dosing and irrigation systems.

May cause biofilm accumulation in systems without

proper cleaning protocols. Use Athena Cleanse to

reduce buildup and system clogging.

Solubility 100% soluble, no residue, will not clog emitters.

Stability Once mixed, pH will remain stable in solution.


May be mixed in the same spray with Athena



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