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Athena Blended Grow A & B

Original price $139.95 - Original price $619.95
Original price
$139.95 - $619.95
Current price $139.95
Original price $139.95 - Original price $619.95
Original price
$139.95 - $619.95
Current price $139.95
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Athena Grow is a simple, clean, and cost-effective 2-part liquid

formula designed for the vegetative stage of growth for

flowering and non-flowering plants. We blend top-of-the-line

macronutrients and chelated micronutrients to achieve greater

uptake across a wider pH range in any combination of water

type and growing media.

Our 2-part blended formula should be used in equal amounts

during the vegetative phase to facilitate optimal photosynthesis,

respiration, and robust plant structure.

Formulas are sediment free and are compatible with all dosing

and irrigation systems including fine dripper heads. Small

amounts of micro-particles are occasionally visible in some

conditions but will not affect mineral balance or system




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