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Hyper Fan

The Highest CFM Per Watt of Any Fan in the Industry!

Hyper Fan Is Quiet, Smooth And Efficient

When compared to other fans in its category, the Hyper Fan is extremely energy efficient; running at 1/2 the power of comparable fans. 

You get it all! More airflow, higher pressure and lower operating costs!

Class Leading Performance - "Multi-Phase" Motors

Hyper Fan's Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors are vastly superior to all existing fan motor technology.

"Multi-Phase" technology allows the motor to be energised 12 times per revolution, compared to 2 or 4 times with other fans - making the application of power to the fan blades smooth, ultra efficient and vibration-free.

Much More Reliable

Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors use up to half the power and produce half the heat of traditional EC and/or DC motors.

This results in greatly reduced energy costs, coupled with less wear, which greatly increases the lifespan of the product.


Hyper Fan

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