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Introducing: APTUS Plant Tech

Introducing: APTUS Plant Tech

APTUS Nutrients are some of the best in the world, and if you’re in the market to try out APTUS Nutrients this article is going to break down who APTUS is and why their products can help you produce the best you’ve ever grown! 

Hydroponics and all its variations depend on three key factors for successful cultivation – Environmental Control, Nutrient Feed, and User Experience. Obviously, experience comes with time and practice - but in our opinion, every grower’s priority should be perfecting the growing environment first and foremost. Getting your lighting, ventilation, cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and water quality under control before means your plants will be under the right conditions to properly utilize nutrients that you feed them; otherwise, you might as well have poured your nutrients down the drain. 

Let’s assume that you’ve got your environment dialled in perfect and now you’re looking for a Hydroponic Nutrient to match. There are many nutrient brands out there but there is only one APTUS. APTUS’s range of Nutrients is predominantly organo-mineral, being a unique and complex blend of organics and mineral salts with the aim in mind being to deliver the very best of both organic and mineral based nutrition. The organic products in the range are Chelated with L-amino acids which are a "building block" for all carbon-based life forms which greatly increases the uptake and bioavailability of nutrients into plants.  

APTUS is quite frankly one of the best nutrient lines on the market, as well as some of the most cost effective due to their dilution rates and there are two major ways to use the APTUS range for cultivation – the PREMIUM program, and the CLEAN Program: 

Premium Program

Aptus premium program

The PREMIUM program is the absolute gold standard of quality, flavor, oil production and shelf life, it uses both their Mineral and Organic products together to produce incredible results. It is aimed at the grower looking to produce the absolute best cultivation they can.  

Due to this program utilizing the L-amino acids found in the organic products in the range, the bioavailability of the nutrients is significant, meaning the potency of all the nutrients in the feeding program is increased, as the plants can get the most out of their feed. This results in the highest quality harvest you can get from a nutrient line. 

This program is typically not aimed at beginners or those unfamiliar with using organics however, as organics need a higher level of care regarding reservoir maintenance and pH attention and are only really suited for use in Run-to-Waste systems. That’s not to say this program is super difficult, it can just be a little intimidating to some growers or beginners, especially if they’re switching from using another Nutrient brand to APTUS. 

Clean Program

Aptus Clean Program

APTUS has recently introduced an alternative feeding program that minimizes the number of bottles needed in a grow cycle but maximizes the yield and quality you get out of the bottles that you do use. It’s called the CLEAN program and is named so due to it being able to be run in any system without any buildup of Biofilms and it is extremely pH stable. Another benefit is that due to the simplicity of the feed schedule and the concentration of Aptus Nutrients, the Clean Program is one of the most cost-effective feeding programs on the market, and a great option for beginners and people looking to dip their toes into the world of APTUS. 

Using only four bottles and some BREAKOUT POWDER (Optional: You can use FASiLITOR as well), the Clean Program is the easiest, most concentrated, low-cost program on the market. APTUS claims that the pH stability is so reliable you can mix and set your reservoir on a given day and it will read the same, with a potential +- 0.05 reading, seven days later with no adjustment in between. The less you worry about pH adjustments, the better in our opinion – it saves you a lot of time and effort if you don’t have to keep adjusting it every day. Growers looking for a clean, pH stable, low-cost nutrient that hits numbers while also achieving that APTUS standard of quality and flavour… this is it! 

Additionally, if you want to try some of the organic options from APTUS in conjunction with the CLEAN program, you can through foliar feeding! During the Vegetative Cycle, you can apply FASiLITOR and STARTBOOST and during the first two weeks of the flowering cycle you can apply FASiLITOR and BLOOMBOOST. You will absolutely notice a difference if you give it a try 

Meet the APTUS Range!

Below, we’re going to quickly breakdown all the products that APTUS makes to further educate you on what is being fed to your plants in either one of these feeding programs. 


  • FASiLITOR is a single cell silica that's beneficial for every cultivar and should be used through veg and flower for both indoor and outdoor plants. It increases the uptake of all other nutrients while providing protection against pests and mold. This is one that no matter what other nutrients you are putting into your reservoir, FASiLITOR should be mixed in first.  
  • FASiLITOR is excellent as a silica product to incorporate into any nutrient feeding program.  


  • BASE is a single-part base nutrient for all stages of growth, it does not contain any calcium so it will always be paired with either MASSBOOST or MINERAL-CALMAG, depending on your system. It's precise, clean, and concentrated. BASE contains no ballast salts or chlorides which gives a much cleaner and more responsive base nutrient. Due to the Bioavailability the recommended EC of BASE is much lower compared to other NPK formulas (1.8 EC is considered HIGH) so don’t fret if your EC is lower than you’re used to, it is designed that way! 


  • MASSBOOST is an organo-mineral Cal-Mag. It’s an incredible Cal-Mag for growers making fresh feed daily, or growers running short (< 3 Day) reservoirs. Cal-Mag (calcium and magnesium) products are used to fight the deficiencies caused when coco-based mediums intake a high amount of Potassium. 


  • MINERAL-CALMAG is the purely mineral-based alternative for MASSBOOST. This Cal-mag is extremely stable and will last in a reservoir for 14 days plus.  


  • STARTBOOST is an organic root and growth booster. It contains 6.1% organic nitrogen and should be used as a growth booster and root stimulator all through the vegetative stage and into the first week of flowering. 
  • It is a standalone nitrogen booster, inoculant, and rhizo agent. 


  • BLOOMBOOST is a flowering/bloom enhancer that produces greater weight/quality/flavour. It is probably one of the best, if not the best organic bloom additive on the market. 


  • PEAKBOOST is a phosphorus booster with zero potassium and is ultra-concentrated and fast acting, this promotes shooting and setting more flowers. 


  • FINALEBOOST is a potassium booster designed for any feed schedule. FINALEBOOST is a great densifier and finisher, used to increase overall weight and quality. FINALEBOOST also contains zero phosphorus and can be used as a standalone potassium additive. Even if you don’t use APTUS, you can still use FINALEBOOST for the last 4-5 weeks of flowering to gain weight and quality. 


  • BREAKOUT-POWDER is a PK powder used to boost the size and finished weight of flowers and fruit. Breakout-powder mixes in cold water and is used in the CLEAN program to replace the organic BLOOMBOOST and PEAKBOOST. BREAKOUT-POWDER is an incredible PK product for any nutrient feeding program.  


  • ECOZEN is a root and substrate conditioner and acts as an organic flushing product. The enzymes in ECOZEN break down dead roots as well as salt, build-up turning them into usable/ bioavailable food. ECOZEN is an excellent product for curing nutrient lockout related issues caused by salt buildup. 

  • As well, the sugars in ECOZEN feed micro-life, making it an excellent addition to living soils! 


  • SYSTEM-CLEAN is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide that increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the feed water. This increases growth and soil-health while cleaning irrigation lines and sprayers and is the non-organic alternative to ECOZEN essentially. SYSTEM-CLEAN is a great flushing product for just about any Nutrient feed program.  


  • BASEBOOST is a 100% organic, slow-release fertilizer pellet that contains every macro and micronutrient needed to grow healthy, vigorous plants. BASEBOOST pairs excellently with organic living soils and can even help boost other amendments. Alternatively, BASEBOOST can be mixed in with soil or coco for water only feeding and works even better when paired with the organic boosters. 

That's APTUS, Folks!

APTUS is not your typical Nutrient line, and the results APTUS gets you are not typical either. Whether you’re interested in diving into the world of Organic Nutrients or wanting to experience the simplicity and cost-effectiveness on the CLEAN program APTUS has something to suit any application. Even just incorporating a bottle of FASiLITOR into your existing feed schedule will likely be a night and day difference to your harvest.  

If you’d like to learn more about APTUS and its range of products, be sure to check them out HERE or come and see us in store for more information.  

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