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Growlush Timer Box X - 4/6/8 - Lighting Controler - relay contact switching

Timer Box X 8


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When using HID lighting, it is important not to use a standard household timer as the excessive load will cause it to fail rapidly. The timer used with a contactors to ensure reliable and carefree switching cycles of your lighting system.
The Timer Box range is unmatched in quality and reliablity when it comes to HID timer switching.


    • Professional built with industrial relay and contactors
    • Rubberized molded plugs
    • Handy hanging bracket
    • Universal sockets
    • 2,4,6,8 socket versions available

Operating Loads

    • 8 x 250 Watt
    • 8 x 400 Watt
    • 8 x 600 Watt
    • 4 x 1000 Watt