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Professors Turn Around

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Turn Around – Feminising Foliar Spray [1L]

Gone are the days of male flowers causing an early harvest. Turn Around will ensure that your crop will continue to survive the “Male Invasion” and produce healthy female flowers. Turn Around destroys unwanted Male Flowers and also increases female reproduction. We’ve used it and it works.

It features a built in wetting agent for faster absorption.

Use Turn Around for Prevention

Used in early flowering, it will protect and ensure a higher chance of Female Sites.

How to Use Turn Around

Dilute 500ml Turn Around to 1L in water.

Used for prevention: Spray your plants 7 days in the flower cycle and repeat 7-10 days later.

Used to fix a problem: when males appear, spray plants until leaves show signs of light runoff, repeat 7-10 days later.

When used indoors, spray when the lights are off.


Turn Around will not make a Male Plant turn into a Female plant, but will help a flowering female which is turning male (hermie) start to reproduce female flowers, allowing a higher chance of a successful harvest.

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