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Hi-Par Sunstorm CMH 315W Control Ballast, Lamp & Reflector Package

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The Sunstorm CMH Light Kit  includes a Hi-Par electronic Control 315w ballast, a Hortivision 315w CMH lamp, and a Hi-PAR 315w Reflector. The Control Ballast features dimming and also can be controlled remotely by the HiPar controller to save on timers and dimming when the room is too hot.

Hi-Par 315W CMH Ballast

The Hi-Par 315w Ballast is recognised for its tough design and low energy consumption with maximum PAR output. It uses the highest quality in electronic parts to ensure maximum lumens and a long life. Using specialised low-frequency technology allows this package will output incredibly optimised light energy, resulting in faster and healthier growth from your plants. Hi-Par 315w reflectors are designed for maximum illumination and bulb durability, offering more efficiency than others on the market. Increased light reflectivity and effectual spread dramatically improves plant growth.

Hortivision 315W CMH Grow Lamps

The Hortivision 315w CMH lamp is designed for medical-grade plant cultivation. Precisely engineered to replicate the sun, it ensures that essential oil and resin production is drastically increased. 

The arc-tube within this bulb is built with a ceramic composite, and has more similar gases like a MH lamp, however the arc tube burns much hotter and brighter, ensuring the light that comes out has more UV A, UV B and a complete lighting spectrum. 

The result for your plants? Faster growth, healthier leaves, shorter internodes and more natural plant profile development.

CMH is likely to become the choice of the connoisseur looking for the best quality produce.   

  • Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube design
  • Double-Jacketed glass for safety
  • PPFD: 856.61 umol/s/m2 (in HIPAR Sunstorm Kit @ 50cm)
  • THD <10% (in HIPAR Sunstorm Kit)
  • Kelvin 3000k - Same as Philips Greenpower Mastercolour 930 - for Veg and Flower
  • CRI >90%
  • Increases essential oil production 
  • Complex patented mixture of gasses optimised specifically for horticulture
  • Long lamp life – 20,000 hrs recommended with 90% maintenance at 10,000hr
  • Higher UV and Infra-red output calculated for plant resin production
  • PGZ18 Bulb Fixture for secure mounting
  • 930/3000k – Used for vegetative and floral growth

Hi-Par 315W Reflector

The new Hi-Par reflector features precisely engineered micro-aluminium and a PGZ18 bulb mount (two-prong) for a safe and secure connection. Sunstorm kits are available with a horizontal or vertical lamp mount. The horizontal style is best for the broadest coverage (1.2 x 1.2m or more) and the vertical creates an intense light over 1.0 x 1.0m.

Benefits of LEC over LED

LEC or CMH grow lights have the following benefits:

  • Broader spectrum of light which mimics the sun 
  • Ballast is outside the grow area, fewer electronics in the grow room makes it cooler after the light goes off 
  • Heat rises directly to top of grow area instead of being blown sideways out of the fixture and affecting the plants 
  • Light can be placed closer to plants than LED 
  • Lighter to hang and more around than LED 
  • Easier to spot and diagnose plant deficiencies due to the daylight coloured light

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