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Athena CalMg

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Original price
$39.95 - $79.95
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Original price $39.95 - Original price $79.95
Original price
$39.95 - $79.95
Current price $39.95
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Athena CaMg is designed to supplement either of our 2-part

liquid base fertilizers. Some cultivars and growing conditions

may require higher doses of calcium, magnesium, iron and

nitrogen during heavy growth and development phases. This

product effectively corrects these common deficiencies without

creating elemental imbalance.

In systems using reverse osmosis (RO) water and plants

grown in inert media, such as coco and rockwool, Athena CaMg is

particularly beneficial. Although our 2-part formulas provide

sufficient levels of calcium and magnesium, some growers find

supplementation helpful in demanding conditions.

Formula is sediment free and is compatible with all dosing and

irrigation systems including fine dripper heads. Small amounts

of micro-particles are occasionally visible in some conditions

but will not affect mineral balance or system compatibility.



Extreme heat or cold can affect the solubility. If you

see crystallization or sediment, shake well to

redissolve. If problem continues, contact Athena

Support for a replacement.

Product Features

Irrigation Compatible with all dosing and irrigation systems.

Solubility 100% soluble, no residue, will not clog emitters.

Stability Once mixed, pH will remain stable in solution.


Two-stage filter with 1 micron mesh to remove

all particulates and contaminants.

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