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  • $95.00

    FloraMax Root-XS 1L

    Root-XS promotes explosive root growth.  This helps accelerate plant growth and achieve faster crop rotation. Minimizes transplant stress and guar...

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  • $12.00

    FloraMax Cloner 250ml

    Cloning gel for cuttings FloraMax Cloner is a protective stem dip for treating cuttings prior to planting.  Its specialized gel formulation: Pro...

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  • $45.00

    FloraMax Clone Spray 250ml

    Clone Spray contains a carefully balanced combination of macro and trace elements that help guarantee 100% strike rate with clones and seedlings:...

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  • $35.00


    DRIP Black plastic solid tray sized for use with our clear top dome and heated propagation mats. Great for catching water and potting spills. TRAY...

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  • $6.95

    Rootex Powder Box - 18 g sachet

    Rootex Powder (3g/kg), Liquid (4g/L) and Gel (4g/L) contains naturally occurring auxins and plant hormone IBA which encourages, strikes and acceler...

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  • $110.00

    Seahawk Cloning Station

    A compact, 24 site aeroponic propagator with clear humidity covering. Includes pump, three colours of neoprene disks for identifying different plan...

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  • $75.00
  • from $35.00

    Flexible Heat Mat

    Double insulated C-Tick certified Heat dispersion plugs included Colourful hanging store display pack Model Dimensions Power Barcode ...

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    from $35.00
  • $365.00

    Turbo Klone T24

    Turboklone T24 is our most popular Turboklone unit available! Perfect for hobby or commercial gardeners, Turboklone makes rapid propagation a bre...

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  • from $2.00

    Eazy Plugs & Eazy Block

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write...

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    from $2.00
  • $32.95

    Flower Feminising Seed Soak (50ml)

    Female Flower Seed Soak uses naturally occurring acids and vitamins to encourage a female predominance of seed stock.  Stimulates the seed to encou...

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