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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Fran's Hydroponics Turns 23!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Fran's Hydroponics Turns 23!

Today, Fran’s Hydroponics Turns 23! 🥰

In celebration of our anniversary, I am offering all of my online customers a 10% discount! To redeem, just use the code 'bday23' at checkout. 💌

Fran's 23rd Anniversary!

I have so many people to thank - all of whom have played a massive part in the journey to where we are today. I appreciate you all so much!

A very special shout out to Dwayne & Jas, for being a such big support for me in the early days. 🙏

My daughters have even held the fort while I needed time away! 🥰

My suppliers are the unsung heroes .. they work behind the scenes, going above and beyond to help me deliver what I need, and keep my customers happy. They've put up with the 'stressed out' version of me, and have all learned how to manage me in those situations! 😬😇🙈 Adam, Grant, Terry, Stuart, Kurt, Luke, Richie, Richard, Cyco Barry, Tyler, Toby, Jon, Michael and Ryan .. thank you all for everything you do.

My web developer Josip from the Creator Club, for standing by me and helping me finally get the website off the ground! ...and trust me, I have been a handful in this process. 😬😬😬

I also must mention my coach, Paolo, who helps me 'behind the scenes' to stay strong with my training programs, and focused on my health... which in turn, reflects in my overall stamina, and helps me keep up with my business life! 🙏

I thank my loyal customers, who my team and I appreciate always. ☺️

... and last but not least, I want to shout out my team! Steve, Timothy, Otis and Steven.. you are all the epitome of there is no “I” in team. Having you guys to rely on, with the trust and assurance that you provide our customers with, is simply amazing. You consistently deliver the Fran’s Hydroponics service that they have all become accustomed to.

It's something I cannot be more thankful for. You guys all support me and keep up with me with ease... you are a huge reason for the success we are experiencing today! I appreciate you all with all my heart! 💖

#takingabow 😊

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